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Around the World in Sandals

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Around the World in Sandals

Around the World in Sandals


I am an ardent reader who reads many books over the course of a year. When I saw "Around
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Around the World in Sandals

Russell Jennings (Author) , Penny Jennings (Author)

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About the Book (The Author’s Summary)

The 288-page, Around the World in Sandals, is a collection of 40 stories of colourful characters
they encountered during their extensive travels in Africa, Asia and South America.

  • You'll meet Doctor Dako the witch-doctor.
  • Padre Crespi the archaeologist.
  • Pauline the psychic.
  • Afghan nomads and many others.

In their stories you will travel by

  • Smuggler’s boat on the Amazon.
  • Sail on a barge down the Nile through the swamps of Sudan.
  • Stay with a Berber family in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
These are just a few of the encounters relayed in this book.
Be prepared for adventure.